Artist : Mauriel Morejon
Honors & Awards:Award of Merit for an exhibition at the National Museum of Cataluya, Spain
in 2002. The Arizona Heritage 2005 Exhibition and the Arizona Flora Protection Expo, Yuma
Art Center art beat 3, and 5, long term muralist full time in Arizona state serving Phoenix and
Tucson city, with more than 340 Murals done, Rima Scottsdale gallery, Award Winner in Utah
Plain Air People's choice award. 2 place Winner Glendale AZ 2013 Plain air Competition and 1
place this 2014, now 1 place Council choice Award in the plain Air competition 2015. 2016,
2017. Glendale Az.
Glendale Plain Air Competition Winners

Supported Groups: Accredited Staging Professional, American Institute of Architects
,American Society of Furniture Designers, American Society of Home Stagers,  Assoc. Of
Registered Interior Designers of Ontario Association,  Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist
Certified Interior Decorators, International Council for Interior Design, Accreditation
Decorators Alliance of North America,  Design Management Company Feng Shui Institute
International Interior Design, Educators Council Interior Design Society Interior Designers
of Canada Interior Designers of Nova Scotia Interior Redecorators Network Interior

Affiliations: Fineartamerica, Mauriel is also a member of the American Art Foundation;
Arizona Artists; Yuma Art Commission; The International Artist Forum; Europa Artist Union;
and the Phoenix Art Commission. now expo at RIMA ART GALLERY Scootsdale AZ Italian
Collection .Sedona Art Center.
M Morejon Videos
Life Care Center Glendale. AZ ,
Manager: Linda Holgate

Logisti Care
4832 E. McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85008
1-866-418-9830 Main

New Life Church Tucson AZ
330 w Nebraska st .
Jessy Cervantes

Luke AFB Glendale AZ , USA
Michael Perna
Paula Jones

KidZ Connextion Dental Center
2533 N 75 Ave
Phoenix AZ 85035.

La Canasta Factory Indust.
3101 W Jackson Ave
Phoenix Az 85009
Owner: Josie Ippolito

DI-Matrix Indust
Phoenix Az, USA
Personnel Mang:
Mike Cook

Boulder Falls Pet Resort
Phoenix, AZ USA
Owner: Melizza Maller.

Top Shelft Restaurants
Dance of Loft
Embassy Suite Hotel 17North
Embassy Suite Biltmore
Las Palomas Chandler Mall
Genie Car Wash
Pita Express
Casino del Sol.
City of Chandler
Bass Pro Shops (restauration)
Giros Express
Adventure Child Care Center.
Goodyear - Gilbert
Oneil's Winen In
Palm-croft Baptist church
Sun Life Care Center
New Life Church Tucson
Ammos Mediterranean rest
Lanea Nail salon,
La Petite Cafe Thunderbird
Rumba Cafe,
Marshall Barber shop
The tates of greek rest
Un Bacio Italian Rest
Te Cafe
Doras Kitchen
American Print House
Magic Smile Dental
Amados restaurant
Bernald Black ELM School
Premier Hg School Phoenix
Licor store 16/university.

Plus 240 Residentials Homes
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Painting in 14 Minutes
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Press References
Still life painting has a long and honored history Morejon is one of the more thoughtful landscape
painters. His treatment of opposites, such as light and dark or delicate and massive, sets up a
dynamic interplay that excites the mind more than a simple decorative arrangement would. His
compositions are formal, dignified, yet warmly human. He arranges them with a sensitive but light
hand, so that the painting seems to breathe. He believes that the still life should have a dominant
mood, a certain feeling that makes him want to paint. His Sport is Fishing
Hunt, and travel outdoor most time to recharge his inspirational sources.
M Morejon Donation
FOX 10 News
ABC 15
Murals and decoration by using same Home Paint Acrylic Best Quality.
The artist always use Behr Paint , He  Mix Color in his own Lab to
create his own set.

1 Place Winner
Glendale Councilmember Ian
Hugh, Glendale Mayor Jerry
Weiers, Artists Mauriel Morejon,
Councilmembers Yvonne Knaack
and Gary Sherwood. The Council
Choice Award was awarded to
Mr. Morejon .
1 Place Council Choice Award 2015
Glendale Plain Air Competition .
Arizona Murals LLC
Activity for this year.

FREE Art Teaching:
workshop, please e-mail to me at

maurielm1@ to schedule a time on my
studio  with no cost at all , you need to bring your
own art tools. 2hr limit.
Painting Demostration
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Plain Air Art competition
People's choice Award

Escalante Utah 2015.
Council Choice Award 2016
Council Choice Award 2017
Glendale Councilmember Joyce Clark of the Yucca district presents
the ribbon for Council Choice Award to Mauriel Morejon. - Behind
are Jamie Aldama, Ocotillo District - Lauren Tolmachoff, Cholla
District. Mauriel Morejon is the four time winner of this award.